Rhinoceros Renderings

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Two watches designed for Bulova/Harley-Davidson Final rendering. Of course the production watches didn't look like this. I'm also using the "depth of field" function. Just some quick dimensions for an initial manufacturing quotation Rough model for calculating surface area for an anodizing run PCB switch design for prototyping Tippet spools for Dan Bailey's Good example of transparent materials in Rhino Rhino model edited in photoshop for concept demonstration Models for the Laser Center/Edge Finder LC/EF rendering used on their websiteYep, it's a boot. I was trying out the surface modeling in Rhino. This thing gave me fits for weeks. Here is the same boot with "default" materials This is a model of the Bank of China. It was one of my welding class projects, but I used Rhino to determine my dimensions and angles. Rendering of a Bang & Olufsen speaker. I didn't design the speaker . Some displays I designed for Bang & Olufsen. Hmmmm secret project. Yep, it's just a water pitcher. I was playing with transparent matierials agian. A current project I'm working on.

I started using Rhino to do my surface area calculations for anodizing and thought I might as well post some of the other Rhino stuff I've done. They were just getting dusty anyway.