Bridgeport Table Covers

Ah the magic of a laser cutter. I decided it was time for a set of table covers and I wasn't going to shell out a bunch of bucks to get some piece of junk that doesn't really suit my needs anyway.

I went on down to Tap Plastics in Mountain View and picked up some 1/4" clear and some 1/8" orange acrylic sheet.

The dowel pins came out a tad looser than I'd like but they generally hold themselves in place. They port rude through the bottom about .5" and make a tight fit with the T-slots to keep the whole thing from sliding front to back.

I made the base clear, cause it looks awesome. And I can see if any corrosion is sneaking under my covers. I have a Kurt 3600 and the flat sides actually work really well with my setup. This BP also has the 42" table.

I'm planning to put my second set (I made two) up on Ebay so send me an email if you are interested in purchasing the set. The acrylic isn't exactly cheap (and neither is my time) but it will be less expensive than other options and waaaaaay cooler. Your friends will all be envious. How can you put a price on that?

The best part is it keeps things from rolling around and I don't have to have a cardboard box full of all my tools sitting on the table.
I left the covers just short of the drain slots because I like to put things in my vise handle and extra T-Nuts. You gotta love lasers.