48x48 Work Benches

So I set out to make a couple of work benches with the goal of using my material as efficiently as possible. It's been a long time to I can't remember the exact dimensions and material quantities.


--Two 4x8 sheets of 3/4" MDF
--One 4x8 sheet of peg-board
--Two 8' 4x4s
--Ten 8' 2x4s

...and that's it. I only ended up with a few chunks of 2x4 and a 1" strip of MDF as waste.

Here is my pile of MDF and peg-board...

The 4x4s are each 24" long so I can get two pcs out of each length of stock.

The 4 pcs of 2x4 are 48" each.

The whole thing is screwed together (pilot drilled) with 3.5" deck screws.

...about to screw on the next side...

This is a good point to take a break for a tool recomendation. I got a Bosch impact driver for my birthday and it's one of the best tools I have.

You want to put a screw in, it's your tool. You want a screw out, it's your tool. It's tiny, light weight, powerful and has a friggin head light. I've even used it with an extended socket to drive 3/4" nylock nuts with ease.

This is one tool that makes you feel like a super hero.

Slap some MDF on the top...pause for coffee break.

Just a little off the side mam. I wasn't going to notch all the corners here so I just trimmed off enough to slide the sheet between the legs to make a bottom shelf.

I only used one center support on both the top and bottom. I don't know how sturdy they are other than I've had about 50 gallons of water sitting on one and I could move it around with...minimal creeking.

I also managed to scrounge eight rubber casters from the junk shop.

Bam! Done. You can see No. 1 in the background. Need some work benches? This is the way to go.